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Roku vs Apple TV

More people now watch television shows and movies on their laptops, smartphones and tablets than on an actual television set. But if you want the convenience of your favorite small-screen shows and applications on the big screen, investing in a dedicated streaming device could be just what you need to take your entertainment to a whole other level. With digital streaming more popular than ever, the selection of devices available to consumers has similarly increased. Roku and Apple TV are now two of the most widely used applications for streaming online content. Knowing the difference between the two can help you decide which one is right for your unique viewing needs. 

There are currently three versions of Roku available: Roku 2, Roku 3 and Roku 4. The first and oldest version, costs about $70 and is a good option if your wifi tends to be unreliable, as you can simply plug it into your Ethernet connection. With Roku 3, you can enjoy the convenience of voice search, as well as, the option of plugging your headphones into the remote. But if you’re the kind of techie who absolutely must have the latest and greatest gadget, Roku 4 can give you the same 4K streaming capability bragging rights that you really want.

However, if you’ve downloaded a lot of music and or videos from iTunes throughout the years, the ability to access of all of your music and videos at the click of a button can be invaluable. If this sounds like you, investing in the older version of Apple TV, which costs the same as Roku 2, will give you instant big screen access to all of your iTunes content. If you’re got money to spare, the latest version of Apple TV comes with all the same features are the older version plus voice recognition and the apps and games that you’re already addicted to on your smartphone, all for a mere $80 more. 

While most, if not all, of your favorite networks and channels are covered by all versions of Roku and Apple TV, some may not be. Amazon is one such provider that is incompatible with Apple TV. If you frequently find yourself watching content from this digital content provider, you may want to go with Roku, as all versions of it use native Amazon apps. Now that you know what Roku and Apple TV have to offer, you can make be confident in your choice of a dedicated streamer. If you still didn’t come up with a decision on which device to get, check here and get more information about these two streaming devices.