Reseller Hosting Plan

When you look for a web hosting plan, there are many types to choose from. Some include lots of features, and some include hardly any features at all. Many of the features offered in these plans are implemented in our favorite websites and are sometimes taken for granted. If you are a reseller, you should look for a hosting plan that meets your needs. A reseller hosting plan should include basic functionality like database access, bandwidth, and an entry level “control panel” which should be offered by the host.

Ensuring you have database access such as MySQL I essential for the reselling customer. With this functionality, the customer will be able to index his or her items and implement an effective e-commerce mechanism. In addition to this database, a basic reseller’s hosting plan should include a control panel for your hosted space. This control panel will give you quick access to tools and settings for your website and database. With it, you can change e-mail server settings, content management system settings, and FTP settings all at once. And those are just a few of the changes that the control panel offers you. A large amount of storage space is probably not necessary since most resellers will only need to upload images in addition to the existing web pages. Above all, however, make sure the plan you choose has sufficient bandwidth for your projected traffic. You cannot resell anything if your website is not able to be accessed.

In conclusion, the hosting plan for the customer who resells is not necessarily specific or difficult to piece together. It is merely free of extra unnecessary elements which might increase the cost of an otherwise cheap hosting plan. By ensuring you have a database, easy access to basic settings and plenty of bandwidth, you can put together an accomplished hosting plan.